Monin Microsoft SQL Server 2022 New features

Microsoft SQL Server 2022: new features

It has been 3 months since Microsoft announced the new release of SQL Server 2022. Microsoft did this at the Ignite conference in November 2021. At the time of this writing, the new release is in private preview. It will be in public preview somewhere in 2022 and eventually in general availability.

Microsoft announced it as the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet. And, with continued enhancements in performance, security, and high availability. Let’s talk about some Microsoft SQL Server 2022 new features.




Business continuity Through Azure

SQL Server now comes with a new fully integrated link feature for Azure SQL Managed Instance. And with this new feature you get the benefits of running a PaaS environment applied to disaster recovery. This means that with just a few clicks a cloud disaster recovery can be configured.

  • It uses a built-in Distributed Availability Group (DAG) to replicate data to an existing MI. This will not only allows you to save time on setting up multi-subnet clusters or complex configurations, also no DR maintenance is required.
  • You can also use it to read scale-out queries to the DR server(s). This will offload heavy query requests that otherwise could impact your performance.
  • Failover from on-prem to Azure SQL MI and back
  • It will also be possible to restore a database from Azure SQL MI to on-prem

This feature will save you money, effort and most importantly time. You don’t need to manage your own hardware or VM’s.


Industry-leading performance and availability

Parameter sensitive plan optimization

Parameter sniffing is a well-known issue in stored procedures. Prior to SQL Server 2022, parameter sniffing is used to come up with a query plan. It can only cahe a single execution plan for a stored procedure. SQL Server 2022 solves this common problem by caching multiple execution plans for the same stored procedure or parameterized query statement, without any code changes and without using Query Store. Just change the compatibility level of your database to 160 to make use of this feature.

Query Store

Like in Azure SQL, it is enabled by default on all databases. Support on AG read replicas allowing performance analytics on the read workloads. And it will also be able to use hints to easily shape query plans with no code changes.

In addition, there are Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) enhancements in Query Store.

  • MAXDOP and CE model feedback using the Query Store to create feedback cycle to automatically adapt and resolve problems with common query patterns.

New enhancements to memory grant feedback including persistence and new algorithms to smoothly handle memory grant fluctuations.

We only know a few new features but I can’t wait to see the full release.


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