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SQL Server 2022 Is Here: What You Need to Know

SQL Server 2022 is now generally available, and with it comes a number of new features and enhancements. This latest release marks an important milestone in the more than 30-year history of SQL Server, as it integrates seamlessly with Azure to supplement the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. 

At Monin, we believe that Microsoft SQL Server 2022 is the perfect platform for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. With this new release, you can expect enhanced performance and security, as well as increased scalability and high availability options. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to walk you through the new features and improvements that come with SQL Server 2022.

High(er) Availability

SQL Server 2022 brings a new level of simplicity to disaster recovery planning with the Azure SQL Managed Instance Link. This feature provides a direct replication link between your on-premise VMs and an Azure SQL Managed Instance, taking the hassle out of managing the underlying disaster recovery infrastructure. Microsoft takes care of the ongoing management, freeing up staff members to focus on other priorities.

This new capability utilizes the distributed availability groups feature to offer bi-directional real-time replication of critical databases with enterprise-grade performance. This not only provides an additional method for disaster recovery, but it also facilitates a seamless migration to the Azure Managed Instance replicas. Once the link feature is configured, organizations can migrate to the PaaS platform with minimal risk and effort, and benefit from the advantages of the platform.

Another convenient new feature is the Contained Availability Groups. DBA’s in particular will now be relieved to know that AG-level objects (like logins and jobs) can now be synchronized automatically between failover instances, eliminating a longstanding pain point for those who work with SQL Server.

Improved Security

SQL Server 2022 offers improved security features, such as encryption at rest and updated transport layer security (TLS 1.3), which help protect your data from unauthorized access. 

SQL Server 2022 also added support for Ledger technology, a cryptographic way of digitally verifying transactions and data integrity based on blockchain technology. This can be used to create immutable records of financial transactions or other activities that need to be kept secure and private. SQL Ledger is a particularly interesting solution for customers in well-regulated fields like the medical or financial industry, because it allows them to verify the lineage of data, ensuring that any data manipulation is performed within the bounds of authorized operations.

SQL Server 2022 introduces new access roles to help comply with the Principle of Least Privilege. For instance, members of the ##MS_LoginManager## fixed server roles are now able to create, delete and modify logins. This role is designed to be more limited in comparison to the previous  securityadmin, and it helps to promote better security practices by reducing the amount of privileges granted to members.


Engine Tune-ups

We’ve spent most of our time talking about the big new feature additions, but Microsoft SQL 2022 also includes a suite of engine tune-ups that will make it faster and more efficient. Not everybody needs to know about what’s happening under the hood, but of course these are the features that excite us the most at Monin. So here’s a quick list of some technical improvements you can expect:

  • Intelligent Query Processing (IQP): a feature that provides easily implemented solutions to common performance-related issues, requiring nearly zero code change to the application. SQL Server 2022 resolves a number of common performance issues, including suboptimal T-SQL constructs like user-defined scalar value functions and multi-statement table-valued parameters.
  • Maximum Degree of Parallelism Feedback: a self-learning feature that allows the query optimizer to dynamically adjust the number of threads used to execute a given query for optimal performance.
  • Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization (PSP): a feature that caches up to three different versions of the execution plan for a wider range of possible parameter values, ensuring more consistent overall performance.
  • Query Store: a feature that serves as the “flight data recorder” of query performance and helps identify performance issues quickly and easily for individual queries. With the release of SQL Server 2022, query store can now be utilized on Always On availability groups read replicas to improve the performance of read-only workloads. Query Story is now enabled also by default, avoiding the tendency to only enable the feature when things start going wrong.

How To Leverage SQL 2022 For Your Business


SQL Server 2022 is an exciting new release that offers a wealth of features and enhancements. With this platform, businesses can adapt in real-time, gain valuable insights, and govern their data—wherever it resides. As such, enterprises looking to take advantage of the latest trends should consider leveraging SQL server 2022 for their business. By doing so, organizations can gain access to powerful tools, increase security, and ensure their mission-critical applications remain available and accessible. 

On premise or cloud-based, SQL Server 2022 offers businesses the most advanced and modern data platform. It provides the power, flexibility, and scalability that organizations need to remain competitive in today’s digital world.

We hope this guide helped clear up any questions you may have had about Microsoft SQL Server 2022 and its features. If you’re looking to get started with SQL Server 2022 for your business, please contact us at Monin. We have extensive expertise in database management and would be happy to help you make the most of this powerful platform.

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