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Whether you value personality or expertise, Monin has got you covered. With us, you’ll count on tailored solutions, personal interactions and permanent support. Because we care.

We know how important your business is to you. We know it’s crucial to be able to blindly trust your suppliers. We know personal support is what should guide all collaborations.

With Monin you’ll choose a trusted database management specialist that saves you time and money without distracting you from your core business.

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Our values & goals

Knowing your databases are safely up and running is what helps keep you focused on what really matters: providing value for your own clients.

At Monin, we develop innovative and tailor-made solutions, offering you high-quality and technology-independent products and services. To put your mind at ease.

You’ll get:

  • Proactive solution-driven support
  • Flexible and transparent collaboration
  • High-quality and innovation-driven expertise

That’s by the way why we chose our name. In Norse mythology, Monin is Odin’s favourite raven. Along with raven Hogin, he explores the world daily for news to keep Odin informed and able to better rule the land. He’s Odin’s memory like we are yours. Make founded decisions. Keep everything healthy. Perform better.

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Looking for a solution tailored to your business? Advice, architecture, installation, configuration, migration, tuning  to management and support: we’ve got you covered. Get an overview of the services you might need or select the service that catches your eye below.