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Database assessments

If you want to verify whether your database environment still meets the latest best practices (configuration, security, backup) and is still compliant with your database vendors license policies, our database assessments may be the right solution for your organization.

During an assessment, an expert analyzes the databases concerning a specific topic, and compares all results with the database vendor’s best practices and our database experience. The result is a clear report presenting a good overview of risks and opportunities for improvement.

We offer four types of assessments:

  • Our Security Assessment; this involves the verification whether your database complies with the most recent security practices.
  • During a Backup Assessment, back-ups are examined and evaluated; for example, whether there are any recovery procedures or not.
  • The Quick Assessment is used to verify if everything is installed and configured according to the database vendor best practices.
  • A License Assessment is a service in which the customer’s current licenses are evaluated. Afterwards the customers gets an overview of the licenses owned and currently used.

After the assessment report has been delivered, Monin can help the customer implementing/modifying the necessary changes to improve the environment.

All services delivered regardless of the location of the databases: on-prem, in a public or private cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment.

Want to know what should be changed to protect the data and ensue maximum availability? Contact us for more information or an offer based on your demandswe’re happy to help you towards a smoothly operating database environment (by serving technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Linux KVM, MySQL, PostgreSQL (community, EDB) and MongoDB).


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