Database Administrator (DBA)
on demand

Are you migrating your application and database to a new version and/or new hardware? Do you need an extra hand to perform particular DBA tasks for a certain period? Or you just want to rely on the advice of an experienced database administrator?

We deliver DBA consulting services to help optimizing your database environment. Our database administrators never miss any trend in the DBA-world; they are always up to date with of the latest versions and newest features.

The DBA On Demand service is always customized to our customers need:

  • On-prem or remote
  • One-off, short term or long term
  • Full-time, several days a week, once a month, …


Keeping following in mind:

  • You do it: we give our advice, setup your roadmap, … and you as a customer can do the rest. And of course you can still rely on our expertise whenever needed.
  • We do it together: together we perform the tasks defined. For example: we can show you how to perform a database migration, so we can perform them together.
  • We do it for you: all database tasks are performed by us, so you can focus on other business initiatives.

This way we help our customers to fill gaps whenever needed and to focus on their core business. Some of the DBA On Demand services delivered by the team:

  • Design Database infrastructure (Roadmap)
  • Database Automation & Self-Service
  • Setup/configuration new database environments
  • Database upgrades/migrations
  • Database performance tuning
  • Implementing high availability and/or data protection
  • Implementing Database Security
  • Daily DBA tasks
  • Etc…

All services delivered regardless of the location of the databases: on-prem, in a public or private cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment.

Sit down and relax, your database is in our experienced hands. Contact us for more information or an offer based on your demands, we’re happy to help you towards a smoothly operating database environment (by serving technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Linux KVM, MySQL, PostgreSQL (community, EDB) and MongoDB).

As a division of Hestia Managed Services, also other technologies can be supported. Check out the Hestia website for more information about technologies and possibilities.


Find out which solutions we were able to implement and how we could help our customers by putting our data knowledge into practice.


Do you like to come home with a smile?
Want to have fun with your colleagues?
Are you eager to learn and searching for opportunities?


As your trusted database partner we guarantee the best solutions for a maximum and optimal data(base) availability and performance so your business can fly high each day.