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“Get back to focusing on what is important and let us handle your Oracle compliance.” (statement LicenseFortress)

Oracle has some really powerful software to take your business to the next level. However, Oracle licensing can be complex, confusing and costly when not implemented and used correctly.

Together with LicenseFortress, we help you take control of your license investments while removing the threat of being out of compliance. Want to run Oracle on physical, virtual (VMWare, HyperV) or hyperconverged systems (like Nutanix, Dell EMC VxRail, …)? Hosting these systems on-prem, in the cloud or both? Let’s check together how we can implement this in the right and most optimal way!

Integrating seamless with (non-exhaustive list):

For Oracle on VMWare or Hyper Converged Infrastructure, click here.


LicenseFortress Partnership


As stated in our mission, we always want to provide the best suitable solutions for our customers. The focus of a company should be on their business, and not mainly on the IT infrastructure and the software vendor licenses involved. That’s why we partnered with LicenseFortress®, the industry’s first managed service that provides real-time Oracle® license compliance monitoring and alerting with a financial guarantee.

Together with LicenseFortress® we want to help customers take control of their license investment while removing the threat of being out of compliance.

Their story: “As customers were coming to us over and over about licensing questions. As we looked to help those customers, it became clear the current approach to dealing with license compliance issues was deficient on many levels.  The current suite of software asset management tools had not changed in twenty years. The license experts understood contracts, but not complex architectures.  There was no accountability for bad advice.  Telling someone the best defense was an annual license compliance audit meant paying for a costly manual process every year.  At the same time, this approach did nothing to help minimize the financial exposure to the company. And finding out about a license compliance issues after months or years was not an acceptable solution.
At LicenseFortress, we took an innovative approach to solve the problem that meets the demands of today’s complex architecture. The LicenseFortress solution is state of the art, real-time license monitoring and alerting platform that is developed by license experts that understand both contracts and complex architectures. We then packaged this solution together as an affordable managed service.”

Also check their website for more information:

Why LicenseFortress?


The All-In-One Solution to Managing Your Oracle Licensing

LicenseFortress has a unique offering. First: LicenseFortress is the only solution that can provide the advantage of legal representation as well as a financial guarantee.

Secondly: together with LicenseFortress we can provide you the best of both worlds: a tailored SAM tool for Oracle licensing combined with added value Oracle licensing services.

Some companies can offer you a Software Asset Management (SAM) tool which will monitor the license usage on your system. When such a tool detects something odd it will send you a notification, but you need to act on your own. This means you need the negotiate with Oracle yourself or hire a consultant, resulting in a much higher risk and/or higher costs.

Some other companies can offer you a license consultant only. These are the licensing experts that can advise you about Oracle licensing and guide you through your Oracle audit. Their cost is based on their level of experience, but they often lack the technical knowledge. That’s what makes our partnership even more special, more unique. We can offer technical knowledge as well as license knowledge combined in one single deal.

LicenseFortress services


Through our partnership with LicenseFortress, we want to help our customers taking control of their Oracle license investment while removing the threat of being out of compliance.

LicenseFortress provides Real-Time Compliance Monitoring of Oracle licenses. The tool is also VMware aware and can be fully-integrated with vSphere to automatically discover new virtual servers using Oracle software. Besides, it can also be used to review your compliance in public clouds like Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle.

The Standard and Premier subscriptions enable real-time alerting (so action can be taken immediately), provide access to licensing experts and the license academy. When notified of an Oracle audit, customers can rely on audit defense. In this case Monin works together with LicenseFortress to handle everything with Oracle licensing.

What makes this partnership even more unique is the LicenseFortress Premier subscription, which is unlike any other software asset management solution (SAM). LicenseFortress offers legal representation and insurance backing at no additional cost (financial guarantee).

You can rest easy as we are ready to manage, monitor and protect your Oracle investment; minimizing and even eliminating back-license fees for products and support, fines, and auditing costs.

All-in-one packages


To make sure our customers can easily choose their own experience using LicenseFortress, 2 all-in-one packages are available: Standard and Premier, both based on an annual subscription.

Only all-in-one packages?


Searching for a specific service to answer your needs? No problem at all, together with LicenseFortress we can also offer you following individual services:

Audit defense

Want to achieve the optimal outcome for an Oracle audit? Our team of experts can help defend you against an oracle audit based on different deliverables and services:

Expertise, points of negotiation, audit correspondence, pricing advisor, license health check and software licensing legal team.

More information about the “Audit defense” service can be found on:, and off course we’re also happy to tell you more.

Contract negotiation

Troubles with the extreme complexities written into the Oracle software contract? Our team of experts can help you with your contract negotiation. Whether it’s giving advice or providing the right negotiation points. We best position your Oracle contract to reflect your needs of today and the future.

Additional information about “Contract negotiation” to be found on:, and off course we’re also happy to tell you more.

Java License Health Check

Using Oracle’s Java for Commercial Use? Then you have to purchase a java subscription.

Actually, what does Oracle define as Commercial Use? Our team is here the assist you with the mapping of your Java footprint.

Through the LicenseFortress Oracle Java Health Check we collect and interpret every application that is running Java. With this mapping of your Java footprint, we work with you, so that you understand your existing Oracle Java licensing exposure”

Read the article we wrote about the new Oracle Java Subscriptions in 2019:

For more information about the “Java License Health Check service”, check out, and off course we’re also happy to tell you more.

License Optimization

Not sure about the amount of Oracle Licenses needed? Maybe you’ve even bought too many licenses? Our experts can assist you in increasing your utilization and using 100% of what you already purchased, or check which licenses are not needed anymore.

For any further information about “License Optimization”, check out, and off course we’re also happy to tell you more.

ULA Services

ULA definition defined within the Oracle data sheet: “An Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is a time-based contract for unlimited use for a subset of Oracle products. At the end of the term, the customer may choose to renew the ULA or declare and certify usage to Oracle. If the customer chooses not to renew, licenses will be assigned based on the customer’s current usage and certification at the end date of the ULA”

A lot of companies sign a 3-year Oracle ULA. After the contract is signed, they don’t worry about maintaining the use of their Oracle software till the last months of their ULA. At that time, it’s hard to keep track of all your deployed Oracle Software. If not used carefully, the ULA can be a very expensive way to purchase Oracle software.

Our experts can help you manage your different ULA requirements, starting to check if an ULA is the best option for you company or not, towards optimal ULA usage, until the ULA exit strategy.

More detailed information about the “ULA Services” delivered can be found on, and off course we’re also happy to tell you more.

Oracle on VMWare

Wondering how to run Oracle on VMWare? Together with LicenseFortress we can help you architect your VMWare for optimal database performance while also handling your Oracle licensing.

Nice to know: Since Oracle Openworld in September 2019, Oracle and VMWare announced a cloud agreement for Hybrid Cloud deployments on Oracle’s Cloud using VMWare. As part of this agreement Oracle now officially support Oracle on VMWare (even without being part of a Hybrid Cloud Strategy).

Don’t forget to read our article about running Oracle on VMWare:

Additional information about “Oracle on VMWare” can be found on:, and off course we’re also happy to tell you more.

Training and Workshops

For those interested in learning more about the essentials of protecting your Oracle License Investment, in-depth hands-on trainings and workshops can be offered.

More information about those “Training and workshops”:, and off course we’re also happy to tell you more.

Oracle on VMWare and/or Hyper Converged Infrastructure


Struggling how to run your Oracle workloads on VMWare and/or Hyper Converged Infrastructure (Dell EMC VxRail, Nutanix, …)? We provide you access to both technical as well as Licensing expertise for that kind of environments.

Topics that can be covered:

  • How to virtualize databases/Monster VMs with vSphere properly;
  • How to solve installation issues and architect for performance and handle your Oracle licensing;
  • How to manage vSphere specifics, including the storage layer, the processor, memory considerations, and the network layer;
  • How to avoid common mistakes;
  • And finally, how to handle Oracle licensing in the most optimal way.

Also read our article about how to run Oracle on VMWare or Nutanix: Oracle on VMWare or Nutanix

All services delivered regardless of the location of the databases: on-prem, in a public or private cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment.


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