Database Monitoring

You can rely on our monitoring services if you want to react proactively and prevent database downtime. Our solution ensures both that you reach the highest level of your database uptime and that nothing can block the users of the application. Use the Monin Database Monitoring packages and choose the solution that doesn’t overwhelm the database administrator with irrelevant messages.

Monin created its own database monitoring packages -based on the experience of over 100 customers- which provides remarkable advantages:

  • Customizable checks can be added
  • Existing checks can be extended to fit the customer’s need
  • Continuous updates:
    • To monitor new database features and releases
    • Based on experiences at other customers
  • Optimized to monitor necessary parts, to avoid an overhead of messages
  • No need to wait for the software vendor to add the new checks to the next release


Using our monitoring platform, Monin’s bird’s-eye view ensures a good overview of a customer’s database environment to ensure maximum availability. Depending on the tool, the packages can also be implemented into the monitoring platform of the customer.

The available monitoring packages:

  • High-End Oracle Monitoring (HOM): monitoring package observe Oracle databases
  • High-End Microsoft SQL Server Monitoring (HMSM): monitoring package to keep an eye on Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • High-End PostgreSQL Monitoring (HPM): monitoring package keep your PostgreSQL databases up & running


Whatever a customer needs, following options are possible:

  • Database only monitoring using the Monin monitoring platform (messages send to the customer)
  • Monitoring together with our Database Managed Services, so our DBA’s are able to perform the necessary actions whenever needed
  • Our database monitoring packages integrated in the customers monitoring platform. It’s up to the customer to take the necessary actions whenever needed. Optionally the customer can also rely on our database experience via Database Managed Services

Our monitoring packages are database location independent and monitor the database environment, no matter where it runs: on-prem, in a public or private cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment.

React proactively and limit database downtime by contacting us for more information or an offer based on your demands, we’re happy to help you towards a smoothly operating database environment (by serving technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Linux KVM, MySQL, PostgreSQL (community, EDB) and MongoDB).

As a sister company of Continu-IT, also on other technologies can be monitored.
Check out the Continu-IT website for more information about which technologies and the possibilities.


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