Virtualization services

Virtualization helps to get the most out of your physical resources while limiting the rack space needed, adding more scalability, limiting downtime and providing faster deployments. However, databases in a virtualized environment are a separate story. They should be configured correctly from the beginning, because they are resource intensive and because virtualization requires other licensing rules in some cases (Oracle, …).


Oracle really has powerful software to take your business to the next level. However Oracle licensing can be complex, confusing and costly when not implemented and used correctly. Together with LicenseFortress® we want to help customers take control of their license investment while removing the threat of being out of compliance. Want to run Oracle on VMWare or Nutanix? Let’s check together how to implement this the right way!


A customer can choose to run everything in their own datacenter(s). A good option is to run the environment virtualized, as running the databases in a virtualized environment has some advantages (non-exhaustive list):

  • Optimal usage of resources
  • Easily to add more CPU power and memory to the virtual machine
  • Saving costs due to less usage of energy and space
  • Improved disaster recovery

The Monin DBA’s have knowledge of migrating databases into a virtualized environment, running on VMWare, HyperV or Oracle Linux KVM (or the former Oracle VM). Starting from the point of advising the customer about how the “virtual” database setup should look like and/or performing the setup/configuration and/or data migration, ending up optionally with worry less support, monitoring and management of the virtualized database environment.

Oracle hypervisors

Our DBA’s also have proven knowledge of the Oracle VM and Oracle Linux KVM hypervisors. That’s why a customer can also choose Monin to install, configure, manage, support and/or monitor the Oracle VM or Oracle Linux KVM hypervisor in their datacenter(s).

Compared to other hypervisors, Oracle hypervisors have some advantages (non-exhaustive list):

  • High performance: Oracle hypervisor software is optimized to run Oracle software
  • Cost savings: Hard partitioning of CPU power is allowed so the number of licenses can be limited
  • Fast deployment: Oracle templates can be used for a faster deployment of an environment
  • Enterprise-quality support: Database and hypervisor support are available with the same vendor
  • Pricing: The Oracle hypervisors are free to use (paid support is optional but not required). Furthermore, database license costs can be limited via the hard partitioning option

All services delivered regardless of the location of the databases: on-prem, in a public or private cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment.

Sit down and relax, your database is in our experienced hands. Contact us for more information or an offer based on your demands, we’re happy to help you towards a smoothly operating database environment (by serving technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Linux KVM, MySQL, PostgreSQL (community, EDB) and MongoDB).

As a division of Hestia Managed Services, also other technologies can be supported. Check out the Hestia website for more information about technologies and possibilities.


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